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Thought Transference and Emotional Induction in
Narcissistic Transference: Their Role in Therapeutic Action

Spotnitz considered narcissistic transference to be the basis of therapeutic
action. The analyst experiences emotional inductions, which suggests that
he has the patient's feelings, and finds himself thinking and acting in ways
that conform to the patient's unconscious transference fantasy. How is this
process used for therapeutic gain?

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 7th 7:30–9:30 PM
Dan Gilhooley, PsyaD, LP, is on the faculty of CMPS and NYGSP.


A PANEL DISCUSSION: "The Analyst and the Process of Aging"
Members of the Hyman Spotnitz Study Group present their views on the experience of working with, and as, an aging analyst. The discussion will address how the process of aging factors into analytic treatment and treatment relationships.
FRIDAY, OCTOBER 14th 7:30–9:30 PM
Stanley Hayden, PhD, is a former Director of Clinical Services at the CMPS Consultation and Referral Service, he is currently Director of the Hyman Spotnitz Study Group.
May Hayden, is a wife, mother, grandmother, and great grandmother. She has worked as a decorative artist, a craft teacher and a business owner.
Valerie Frankfeldt, PhD, a CMPS graduate is Director of Training at the Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Study Center, NYC.
Robert Marshall, PhD, is on the faculty of CMPS and NYGSP.
Murray Sherman, PhD, is on the faculty of CMPS and NYGSP.

Maria Taveras, Award-winning sculptor of "Dream Art," engages unconscious sources of creativity in an intimately personal, three-dimensional way. Her lecture and slide show reflect the creative process, focusing on the technique of active imagination and altered state of consciousness employed by Jung.
FRIDAY, DECEMBER 2nd 7:30–9:30 PM
Maria Taveras, LCSW, NCPsyA, is the recipient of two NAAP Gradiva Awards and has exhibited in London, Cape Town, San Francisco, Montreal, and Berkeley. She conducts experiential "Dream Art" workshops in her studio and teaches at C.G. Jung Foundation, NY.

Hyman Spotnitz Lecture Series: DVD SHOWING & DISCUSSION
In the fall of 1978, Dr. Hyman Spotnitz, the founder of modern psychoanalysis, began a series of lectures to address the growing audience interested in his approach to treating patients. The lectures showcase his wide-ranging knowledge, unique wit, legendary intuition, and dynamic therapeutic approach. We will screen one lecture. To view a clip:
FRIDAY, JANUARY 20th 7:30–9:30 PM
Faye Newsome, MA, LP, is on the faculty at CMPS, NYGSP, and BGSP.