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A branch of the Boston Graduate School of Psychoanalysis, NYGSP is the only regionally accredited, degree-granting graduate school in New York offering the Master of Arts in Psychoanalytic Studies. It is one of the few such programs in the world.

NYGSP is unique among schools in New York in offering access to psychoanalytic education to those without prior training in any other profession.  The only academic prerequisite for admission is a bachelor’s degree.

NYGSP has a worldwide reputation for excellence in psychoanalytic education.  NYGSP’s student body is drawn from a variety of educational backgrounds and represents many countries and cultures.

At NYGSP, intellectual learning is integrated with emotional understanding, using the dynamics in the classroom to illustrate theoretical concepts.  This emotional learning process is one of the hallmarks of our school and is a key factor in promoting a deep understanding of psychoanalytic theory.

Psychoanalytic concepts have application to many aspects of life.  Many of our graduates go on to pursue psychoanalytic training, whereas others find the knowledge gained to be useful in their work in academia, the humanities, and other professions.