A branch of the Boston Graduate School of Psychoanalysis, NYGSP is the only regionally accredited, degree granting graduate program in New York offering the Master of Arts in Psychoanalytic Studies. It is one of the few such institutes in the world.

As a result of the revolutionary work of NYGSP’s founders, access to a psychoanalytic education in this country no longer requires prior training in any other profession. NYGSP’s doors are open to any capable and motivated post-bachelor’s student who is interested in understanding unconscious forces.

Open access, combined with a worldwide reputation for excellence in psychoanalytic training, has enabled NYGSP to admit and train qualified students from a wide variety of educational backgrounds, representing a wide variety of countries and cultures.

At NYGSP, intellectual learning is integrated with emotional understanding by using the dynamics in the classroom to underscore theoretical concepts.  This emotional learning process is unique to our school and is a key success factor in the development of the therapeutic skills required of an effective psychoanalyst.

Psychoanalysis helps people give up symptoms and behaviors, which can interfere with their leading meaningful and productive lives. Our vision is to bring psychoanalysis everywhere that people can benefit from it –not just in consulting rooms, but public school classrooms, universities, clinics, private businesses, non-profit agencies, and forums for public policy. We welcome you to join us on our journey towards the betterment of the world.