Class Syllabi – Spring 2020

PT 111 Fieldwork Discussion Group

PT 140 Socio-Cultural Influences on Maturation and Psychopathology

PT 141 Human Development: How the Mind Unfolds (Semester 1)

PT 143 Latency

PT 151a: Basic Psychoanalytic Theory (Part I)

PT 155 Dream, Fantasy and Symbolic Communications

PT 157 Transference

PT 162 History of Drive Theory in Freud

PT 171 Systematic Investigations and Ethics

Pt 172 Clinical Investigations and Ethics in Psychoanalysis

PT 184 Primitive Mental States

PT 185a-1 Fieldwork Seminar

PT 185a-2 Fieldwork Seminar

PT 186 Beyond Psychosis: Typology of Conflict and Defense