On-Campus Resources

If you are in immediate danger, CALL 911 now. We encourage you to first get to a place of safety, and then seek immediate assistance from police and healthcare providers to ensure your physical safety, emotional support and medical care.

Counseling and support services are available for NYGSP students on-campus. Please use the contact information below for more information:

Title IX Coordinator – Ms. Angela Musolino – amusolino@cmps.edu or 212-260-7050

Campus Security Authority – Mr. Kabir de Leeuw – nygsp@bgsp.edu or 212-260-7050

Program Director – Dr. Mimi Crowell – mimicrowell@gmail.com or 212-260-7050

Please note that these services are not available 24/7. Immediate counseling is available off-campus through a variety of supportive community organizations. Click here for more information on these off-campus resources.

Local services close to campus that offer resources 24/7 are:

Local Police Department –  New York City Police (6th Precinct) – (212) 741-4811

Local Medical Center –

If you have been the victim of a sexual assault, it is important to preserve evidence. The best way of doing so is to seek emergency treatment as soon as possible and before showering or changing your clothing. Three local health centers have SANE nurses available. These providers have specialized training for treating victims of sexual assault to provide all necessary support and treatment and to preserve forensic evidence.


Bellevue Hospital
462 First Avenue, Room A329
New York, NY


Mt. Sinai Beth Israel Petri Div, ER Dept
First Ave & 16th Street
New York, NY


Lenox Health, Greenwich Village
30 Seventh Ave
New York, NY