Graduate Profiles

Students at NYGSP are prepared to apply their psychoanalytic training to a wide variety of populations in a wide variety of settings. Graduates of our programs are employed in mental health agencies, school systems, universities, profit and non-profit organizations, and private practice.

Hanni Dimitstein
Before entering the Master's program, Ms. Dimitstein served as an administrative director for a religious congregation in Brooklyn. Though she was successful and respected, the work ultimately did not satisfy her. She was looking for a vocation that provided for a living and, in her words, "was self fulfilling". MORE>

Dimitrios Gatsiounis
Prior to embarking on his Master's, Mr. Gatsiounis was a talk radio host on WNYE 91.5 FM in New York City. He is currently pursuing his Psy.D. and intends to open a private psychoanlytic practice in the future. MORE>

Juliane Maxwald
Juliane Maxwald earned her MA in Psychoanalysis from NYGSP in 2006 and is currently working towards her license in psychoanalysis.  She is employed as an addictions therapist and is a NY state credentialed alcoholism and substance abuse counselor.  MORE>

Josie Oppenheim
After receiving her Master’s degree, Ms. Oppenheim became a founding member of The Adoption Circle at the Center for Modern Psychoanalytic Studies. She was instrumental in conceptualizing a group presentation on adoption for mental health professionals and the adoption community. MORE>

Christian Talbot
Mr. Talbot's years at NYGSP allowed him to deepen his understanding of the psychodynamics of terrorism. After capping his Master's degree with a thesis on Osama bin Laden, he completed a manuscript of a terrorism thriller. MORE>