What’s Unique about NYGSP

It’s not just an education.... it’s a transformative experience

The integration of theoretical learning with emotional learning is the hallmark of the NYGSP classroom experience. This innovative learning approach is unique to the school. It is based on the idea that understanding unconscious resistances can be applied, as it is in psychoanalysis when working with patients, to the teaching and learning of psychoanalysis as well. When students are able to connect their emotional experiences with theoretical concepts, then gains have been made towards personal growth, making possible a new level of academic excellence.

It’s not just an education...it’s a strong training

The reputation of NYGSP’s program draws students who are new to the mental health field. The program also attracts people who are looking to fill a gap in their understanding of human nature and motivation.

NYGSP students begin the Fieldwork Externship by working with severely regressed patients in a mental hospital or agency setting. During the field placement, students not only learn the nature of primitive mental functioning, but also come to understand how they struggle with this early state in themselves.

The externship experience, combined with relevant courses, case management seminars, ongoing supervision, and a training analysis, provide a foundation for coherent and rewarding clinical work. NYGSP students graduate with the knowledge, skills and experience to apply their training in a variety of settings.

It’s not just an education.....it’s a community

NYGSP’s diverse student population sets the stage for a vibrant, cohesive and supportive student community. The students are drawn together by their passion for the study of psychoanalysis and their interest in learning from the faculty and from each other.

Many people, attracted to the manageable size of the school, develop close relationships with fellow students and faculty. As one student puts it, “ There is a family feeling here, a real aliveness.”