Classes in the Spring 2021 semester will be taught via Zoom.

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Fall 2021


Master of Arts in Psychoanalytic Studies

The New York Graduate School of Psychoanalysis is one of the few programs in the world to offer the Master of Arts in Psychoanalytic Studies.  Psychoanalysis offers the most comprehensive understanding of human motivation, its focus extending beyond what lies within the realm of conscious awareness to the powerful unconscious forces that drive people.  The course of study covers the theory of psychoanalysis, including psychological development in health and pathology, from Freud’s earliest discoveries through the latest developments in contemporary schools of thought.


The program offers:

  • A solid foundation in psychoanalytic theory
  • Preparation for psychoanalytic training for those who wish to become clinicians, including fulfillment of the New York State requirement of a graduate degree as a prerequisite for beginning training
  • Advanced placement for graduates in the licensure-qualifying psychoanalytic training program of our sister school, The Center for Modern Psychoanalytic Studies, allowing accelerated completion of that program
  • A comprehensive understanding of human nature and how the mind works, which can enhance one’s work in any field


An energizing, collegial learning environment: 

  • Small, stimulating, seminar-style classes
  • An approach to learning that emphasizes emotional attunement as well as intellectual understanding
  • Flexibility in program-planning that allows students to proceed at their own pace
  • Evening classes to accommodate students’ work schedules
  • A supportive faculty whose mission is to help every student succeed
  • Courses taught by clinicians who illustrate the application of theory to clinical work
  • A vibrant learning community that fosters collaboration among students and faculty
  • An academic advisor for each student
  • A commitment to diversity