Program Costs

An education at the New York Graduate School of Psychoanalysis is an investment in not only your future, but the impact you will have in the lives of others. Tuition at NYGSP is set at competitive rate, while providing a high-quality educational and personal experience.

Tuition and Fees

Program Tuition and Fees

One credit$896
Two-credit course$1,792
PT 525 Directed Research, per credit$896

All School Fees

Admission Application and Interview Fee$100
Registration Fee, per semester$150
Student Association dues (optional, per semester) $15
Curriculum Support Fee, per semester$360
Extended Payment Plan Processing Fee (checks only)$100
Late Payment Fee$150
Returned Check Fee$25
Graduation Fee$125
Transcript of Student Record$20
Maintenance of Matriculation, per semester*
*Students on approved leave of absence may maintain matriculation for up to two years by paying the maintenance of matriculation fee per semester.
Books and supplies (per semester, approximately)$300
Privately arranged psychoanalysis (per semester, approximately)$2,400

2023-24 Refund Schedule:

  • Approved drop in writing before 1st day of class, 100%
  • Approved drop in writing before 2nd class meeting, 75%
  • Approved drop in writing before 3rd class meeting, 50%
  • Approved drop in writing before 4th class meeting, 20%
  • Drop on or after 4th class meeting, no refund

Cost of Attendance

An estimated Cost of Attendance (COA) is used by the Financial Aid Office when processing applications for financial aid and student loans.  This estimate is based on average costs incurred in a specified program of study.  At BGSP, tuition is charged at a per-credit rate, so the costs will vary depending on your enrollment status (part-time vs. full-time).

When estimating the total cost of an education, consider both direct expenses and indirect expenses.  You are billed by the school for direct expenses, including costs such as your tuition and fees each semester. Indirect expenses include estimates and allowances for relevant educational expenses not paid directly to the school, such as books, training analysis, living expenses, and relevant personal expenses.

For the 2023-2024 academic year, the annual estimated cost of attendance for a Full-time student listed by program is:

Master of Arts in Psychoanalytic Studies

Tuition = $17,920

Other Fees = $1050

Training Analysis = $4,800

Books/Supplies = $600

Living Expenses = $30,726

TOTAL estimated COA = $55,096