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NYGSP works in cooperation with our partners at CMPS to bring you a wide range of events and public courses to bring you new insights and clinical applications of psychoanalytic study. We welcome people with diverse interests, backgrounds, and ages to come together to explore how the unconscious is manifested in the world. We will consider how the search for a deeper understanding of the human condition is a challenging task, but one that can enhance life experiences.

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There are no upcoming events at this time.

Open House and Information Sessions

Open House and Information Sessions are an excellent opportunities to see the school and learn about the NYGSP experience, academic programs, psychoanalytic training, the admissions process, financial aid, and much more.

During these events, learn how our program provides a solid foundation in psychoanalytic theory, and for those who desire it, a comprehensive preparation for psychoanalytic training. Also discover how graduates of NYGSP go on for licensure training with our partners at the Center for Modern Psychoanalytic Studies (where they gain an advanced placement).

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Survey Courses Open To The Public

Introduction to Modern Psychoanalysis

10 Mondays: 5:30 – 7:00 PM, Beginning February 7. $500

This popular course offers the fundamentals of modern psychoanalytic theory and technique to those considering psychoanalytic training. Topics include transference, resistance, countertransference, and emotional communication. Open to clinicians and the public.

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One-Year Program

10 Mondays: 6:00 – 9:10 PM, Beginning February 7. $1000 per semester

The One-Year Program in Modern Psychoanalysis offers a solid foundation in modern psychoanalytic theory and technique.  The four component courses are designed to be useful to practitioners and non-practitioners alike. An introduction to psychological development, both healthy and distorted, imparts an understanding of the rationale for psychoanalytic treatment.  Key aspects of the treatment process, including transference, resistance, countertransference, and analytic listening, are studied from the perspectives of patient and practitioner.  Participants gain a sense of themselves as therapeutic agents and begin to develop skills applicable in both clinical and other life situations.  Classes are taught in a supportive, discussion-oriented format.  Continuing education credits are offered to social workers and psychoanalysts.

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CMPS Annual Conference

This event has passed, but the next conference will be announced soon. Please check back this spring.


SATURDAY, MARCH 20, 2021 | 9:30 AM — 4:00 PM

Keynote Speaker: Giuseppe Civitarese

Featured Speakers: Lawrence Brown, Barbara D’Amato

The theory of dreams has changed fundamentally since Freud’s time, when their primary function was seen as protecting sleep by distorting and hiding repressed material from consciousness. Many contemporary psychoanalysts emphasize the transformative function of dreams, to create sense and meaning for lived experience. Consequently, the way we use dreams in our daily clinical work has changed radically. The dream is no longer viewed as belonging exclusively to the analysand: We listen to virtually any verbal and nonverbal communication as a joint dream of the analytic couple, dreamed in the here and now. This paradigm shift will be discussed in light of analytic field theory and the phenomena of hallucinosis, dreaming, and reverie, both visual and somatic. Rich clinical examples will illustrate the theory and the application of this approach.

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