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Learning about theory and oneself

Gaining a solid understanding of psychoanalytic theory involves more than just studying the work of master theoreticians; it entails self-reflection and relating the theory to one’s own life experience.  The open-minded spirit of inquiry that pervades NYGSP promotes the freedom of exploration that brings the theory to life and promotes deep learning.

The integration of theoretical learning with emotional learning is the hallmark of the NYGSP experience.  It is based on the idea that understanding unconscious processes can be applied not only to the study of the mind but to the teaching and learning of psychoanalytic theory as well.  When students are able to connect the theoretical concepts with their growing self-awareness, they are able to attain a high level of academic excellence.

Whether their choice is to go on to be trained as psychoanalytic practitioners or to apply the knowledge gained from the program to enhance their current work, graduates take with them a deep understanding of human nature and how the mind works that enriches both their personal and professional lives.

A vibrant, mutually supportive learning community

NYGSP’s diverse student population sets the stage for a cohesive and committed learning community. The students are drawn together by their passion for the study of psychoanalysis, and they find that the manageable size of the school encourages the development of close, mutually supportive relationships with one another.  As one student puts it, “There is a family feeling here, a real aliveness.”