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When Deadness Breaks In: On the Struggle to Remain Alive in Psychoanalytic Treatment

PRESENTATION VIA ZOOM Contemporary psychoanalytic approaches extend the reach of psychoanalytic treatment to more disturbed patients. Working analytically with non-neurotic patients and traumatic states challenges traditional theory and practice. Ofra Eshel, drawing on the work of Winnicott and Bion, discusses new kinds of analytic presence and patient-analyst interconnectedness she calls “withnessing.” In this presentation, she

Clinical Writing—Expanding the Parameters

WORKSHOP VIA ZOOM In this workshop participants will learn to write richer, more accessible and creative clinical narratives, including vignettes, case studies, and clinical papers. We will explore how clinical writing can more faithfully capture the depth and breadth of the emotional life of psychoanalytic treatments. An important aim will be to open our writing