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Self-Criticism as a Lifeline (Presentation via Zoom)

There is a type of patient one sees in psychoanalysis who is surrounded by criticism like a cloud.  Since Freud’s paper on Mourning and Melancholia various authors have addressed this issue.  While descriptively similar to previous explanations, this presentation will explore the dynamics of patients who desperately cling to self-criticism out of a fear of

Transference: Neurotic and Psychotic (Hybrid Presentation: In-Person and via Zoom)

This workshop will broaden the notion of transference from the Freudian view of it as a repetition of a past situation, which fits work with neurotics perfectly well, to an understanding of how it manifests with psychotics, which is quite different.  Frequently we hear practitioners working with psychotic patients say that there is simply no

Annual Conference

via Zoom

Via Zoom A Conspiracy of Silence:  Identifying Racism in the Consulting Room and Analytic Institute FEATURED SPEAKERS: BEVERLY STOUTE AND ANTON HART Silence is an essential clinical tool that can be used to facilitate analytic work, from developing the transference to regulating frustration and communicating feeling. However, a form of "learned silence" can drown out this

Event Videos Departments Rent our Space Lacanian Diagnosis (Presentation via Zoom)

Unlike many other analytical traditions, Lacanian psychoanalysis gives a special importance to diagnostic questions.  This seminar will introduce Lacanian diagnostic categories and discuss both why they may be relevant to clinical practice and what clinical elements allow diagnoses to be made. Darian Leader is a psychoanalyst working in London.  He is a member of the Centre

The Pandemic as an Après-Coup: Helplessness and Uncertainty (Presentation via Zoom)

This presentation will focus on the work of Loewald to conceptualize our reaction to the contemporary pandemic as an après-coup, a traumatic recreation of conditions of early helplessness.  Loewald, who was an important influence on the relational perspective, especially the work of Mitchell, Bromberg, and Ghent, viewed the emergence of the self in the context