Hanni Dimitstein




Before entering the Master’s program, Ms Dimitstein served as an administrative director for a religious congregation in Brooklyn.  Though she was successful and respected, the work ultimately did not satisfy her. She was looking for a vocation that provided for a living and, in her words, “ was self fulfilling.” She goes on to say.

“What I appreciate most about the Masters program was the sense of accomplishment it gave me and the unique and inspiring framework it provided from which to understand human motivation and behavior.  I was part of the first generation in the state of New York to be recognized in this very specific field of expertise. I liked the idea that I embodied the theory and practice that to some is controversial, but I strongly believe that it is the most comprehensive, compassionate, human, insightful, and humane method of therapeutic treatment. The master’s program brought me closer to myself, my family, and, now that I am pursuing a certificate in psychoanalysis that will lead to licensure, my patients. I truly loved how the instructors guided each of us to learn at our own pace along our own individual paths.”

Ms Dimistein is currently a certificate candidate at the Center for Modern Psychoanalytic Studies where she sees numerous patients in its Consultation and Referral Service.